Selecting a CAD Vendor
Vendor Reputation
Your Choice Matters
Vendor Product

It matters because your system is used by every member of your department every day. The system’s operation and your personnel’s satisfaction with it directly impact the performance and morale of your department.

It matters because you want your system to be considered an indispensable tool, not something people have to put up with and complain about until you inevitably have to replace it. And it matters because the wrong choice can have real life consequences.

Selecting a CAD vendor is not like buying a patrol car or office furniture. A CAD and records system is not a commodity product. There is no such thing as a generic CAD/RMS; systems vary widely in their capabilities and reliability. When making a selection, there is no substitute for good, thorough, careful homework.


So how do you go about making that selection?

It comes down to the assessment of just three major factors… three things that you must carefully examine when evaluating vendors:







Vendor Price
Vendor Evaluation

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